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A safety razor gives you a precise, controlled shave with fewer blades and strokes.

Classic. Cool. Refined.

All describe the function and results of a man shaving with a traditional safety razor.

The single-blade experience lets you get a close shave with the precision and control you expect. Here are eight reasons to add a safety razor to your shave set.

1. Less Irritation

Multi-blade razors may seem well and good, but in fact, they are wreaking havoc on your skin. Each blade means another swipe at your skin, leaving more chances for skin irritation and nicks. It takes more swipes to do the job, too. With a five-blade plastic razor, it might take three passes to get you shaved properly. That’s 15 swipes at your skin.

A safety razor is heavier, meaning your razor uses less pressure to deliver a clean, smooth pass the first time around. You’ll have less trouble getting the perfect shave.

2. Cost Savings

There’s no longer a need to buy expensive replacement cartridges or brand-new disposal razors. Buy one razor and packs of replacement blades that are affordable and easy to install and use.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Disposing of plastic razors, cartridges and containers adds more plastic to our landfills. Disposing just single blades helps you do your part for the environment. Buying a long-lasting razor means you’ll be spending less on replacement razors and reducing landfill use.

4. Sanitary Shaving

Think about your disposable or multi-blade razors you’ve used in the past. They become clogged with hair, skin and shaving cream and become a breeding ground for bacteria in your moist bathroom. Safety razors are much easier to clean and can be cleaned more thoroughly. Reduce or eliminate the razor burns and breakouts associated with dirtier shaving products.

Make it a tradition with a safety razor to pass along a family shaving practice.

5. Precision

A single safety razor gives you more control over your shave. It’s easier to shave from multiple angles and get at hard to reach spots. Give yourself command over your shaving experience with a safety razor.

6. Great Results

The strength, weight and precision of a safety razor shave lead to great results. You’ll end up with a close shave, smooth skin and an experience that leaves you refreshed and ready for your day (or night!).

7. Satisfaction

Shaving with a dual-edge safety razor takes more skill, precision and focus. The results speak for themselves. When you’ve finished shaving with a safety razor, you’ll feel great—satisfied with a job well done.

8. Continuing the Tradition

Many of us learned to shave watching our fathers and grandfathers. It’s a time-honored tradition to be passed on to your sons when the time is right. Keep the old traditions alive by showing your kids how a safety razor works and helping them learn the generations-old way of shaving done right.

Van Der Hagen delivers the precise, smooth, finer shaving experience you crave. Our shave sets include a safety razor, brush and stand. Most kits also include a shaving cup. Find the shave set that works for you and add style to your shave.