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Heated shaving cream preps your whiskers and skin, leading to a smoother shave.

There’s nothing like warmth on the skin to give you a relaxed feeling of comfort. When it comes to shaving, hot water and hot towels are time-tested ways to prepare the skin and set up a better shave experience.

Now comes another great advance in shaving technology: self-heating shave cream. Get the same experience as in the barbershop with our warm shaving cream. Here’s a closer look at heated shaving cream: What it is and how it works.

The Benefits of Heated Shaving Cream

There’s more to heated shaving cream than it feeling great on your skin.

For one, heat helps to open your pores. As your pores grow wider, more of the hair follicle is exposed and can be trimmed away. Opened pores also allow for better moisturizing before, during and after your shave.

Heated shaving cream also softens the whiskers and stubble that are growing on your skin. When your hairs are softer, you’ll be better able to cut them without the nicks, pulls and snarls that can occur. You’ll get a closer shave that leaves your skin softer and smoother.

Razor burn is a common problem when shaving. But when your pores are opened more and hairs are well lubricated with heated shaving cream, you reduce the amount of irritation and razor burn that accompanies your shaving experience.

With heated shaving cream, there’s also no need to purchase a separate warming device for your shaving product. You’ll have less clutter on your bathroom sink with fewer devices to plug in and keep clean. Shaving cream warmers are also historically unreliable, leading many users to grow frustrated and abandon them after a few uses.

Heated shave cream is a reliable product that uses simple chemical reactions to give you a soothing and effective experience with each and every shave.

Heated shaving cream helps soothe your skin and soften your whiskers, leading to a deeper, cleaner shave with softer skin and better results.

How to Use Heated Shaving Cream

Our self-heating shaving cream is simple to use and is best used after taking a hot shower, which will help to soften whiskers and begin to open up your pores. Here’s how:

  1. Shake the product bottle well before using.
  2. Wet your face with warm to hot water, which will soften the hairs further. Apply about a quarter-sized amount of the shave cream to your face in a circular motion. You should begin to feel a comfortable heating sensation.
  3. Apply an equal amount in the same manner to the other side of your face. You should feel the same warming sensation.
  4. Run your hands through warm water and use them to massage both sides of your face. The shave cream should become slippery and warm. Make sure that your shaving area is slick before beginning to shave.
  5. When done shaving, rinse your face thoroughly to remove any remaining product.

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