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Deluxe Badger Brush

Deluxe Badger Brush

Deluxe Badger Brush

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Whether you’re a wet shaver who’s wet behind the ears, or a self-made master, you can proudly carry on your grandfather’s tradition with this high-quality shaving brush. Treat your beard. Made from pure badger hair, the brush massages your whiskers stroke by stroke. Badger hair easily retains moisture, so you’ll be able to whip up a generous bowl of lather in no time. Experiment with the amount of residual water on the strands to get the best lather consistency for you! 

  • Pure badger hair brush*
  • Softens facial hair as lather is applied
  • Lightweight handle with Van der Hagen logo
*Because the brush is made from natural hairs, fibers may break. Hairs will shorten in length over time due to normal wear and tear.

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