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Razor Blades

Razor Blades

Razor Blades

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With a single blade razor, the quality of the blade determines the smoothness of the shave. Van der Hagen blades are manufactured in Solingen, Germany, a city renowned for fine blade production. The stainless steel blades are ice tempered for sharpness and flexibility. You’ll be able to tackle those hard-to-reach spots with ease! The blades glide over the skin, reducing friction and razor burn. No tug on your beard, no nicks and cuts–just a close, clean shave.  

  • Pack of 5 double edge, stainless steel blades
  • Ice tempered for a premium shave
  • Back of cartridge designed to hold used blades

How to replace your razor blade: Twist the bottom of the razor’s handle to open the butterfly head. Slide the new blade out from the cartridge and carefully remove the tissue paper. Please be careful to hold the blade at the unsharpened edges. Then, slip the blade right in the head, twisting the bottom of the handle to completely close the butterfly. Discard your used razor blades by placing them in the back slot of the razor cartridge. Warning: Throwing away unprotected razor blades can lead to serious injury.

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