Luxury Boar Shave Set - Van Der Hagen

Luxury Boar Shave Set

A brush with greatness

If you’re looking for a deluxe shave set with a more able-bodied brush, the Luxury Boar Shave Set is for you.


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  1. Push the soap out of the clamshell container and place it in the apothecary mug (windmill logo facing down). Wet the brush bristle with warm tap water and gently shake off the excess.
  2. Move the brush in a circular motion over the shave soap until the desired lather is achieved. The volume and thickness of the lather can be adjusted by the volume of water left on the brush bristle. More water equals greater lather. Too much water equals thin lather.
  3. Using the brush, apply the lather to the beard area.
  4. After shaving, rinse off any remaining soap. Rinse the brush bristle under warm tap water, shake off the excess water and hang upside down on the shave stand to dry.

This shave set includes:

  • Stiffer than badger hair, the boar brush bristles gently massage your whiskers, raising those ready-to-be-trimmed follicles.
  • Lather up with the hypoallergenic shave soap in the ceramic apothecary mug, and you’re on your way to a closer, smoother shave without bumps.
  • The acrylic stand holds both brush and personal razor for easy storage.