There are a number of things that make using a safety razor awesome! One that we like the best is the eco-friendly side. You typically replace a double edge blade about the same time you would replace a cartridge or disposable razor. Look at the sheer volume difference between the three, between the plastic covers, the cartridges and handles, you are looking at a lot of waste. All the single blades stack neatly (and safely) into the plastic container that they come in.

Now you might think, “but they are plastic and metal, they are recyclable” and you would be right, if you could dismantle them. In order to recycle plastic and metal, they have to be separated, so if you are tossing those cartridges and disposable razors in the recycling bin, chances are, they end up in a landfill anyway because the recycling facility may not be able to handle mixed materials. The facility in your city might, but some can’t, and we like to err on the side of caution.

Hold up! But the Van Der Hagen cartridge is plastic and you are putting metal blades in there. True, but if you have one of them at home, take a look at it, there is a little ‘door’ on one end that is easily opened so the plastic and metal can be easily separated and recycled.

Just think of the change you can make by switching to a safety razor. Our photo here only shows five of each type of razor or blade, multiply that by how many you personally use each year. You can make a difference.