Van Der Hagen® Legacy

Generations ago, the Van Der Hagen family began making homemade soaps in the small village of Lith, Holland. In the early 1900s, the family immigrated to the United States and continued to refine and perfect their soaps. Utilizing a unique kettle process and high quality ingredients, the Van Der Hagen brand was born.

Van Der Hagen® Legacy


A unique shape soap manufacturing method re-discovered by the Van Der Hagen family that combines an old fashioned technique with modern ultra pure ingredients. Carefully selected ingredients are added to a heated kettle by a master compounder according to exacting temperatures. Once complete, the thin liquid is poured into molds, run through a cooling tunnel, and hand packed.

Now with a wealth of experience, Van Der Hagen continues to deliver premium products at an affordable price with the tools you need for a seamless, effortless shave.

At Van Der Hagen, we are proud of our Dutch heritage and continue to develop and innovate with original family in mind.

Van Der Hagen – creating skin care excellence for over 100 years.

Kettle Process