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Please send a message to information@vanderhagen.com.

One of our representatives will get in touch with you.

We’re here for you. Any questions can be directed to information@vanderhagen.com.

If you want to give us a call, dial 1-800-390-3338. Our business hours are 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM CST.

Under the Van Der Hagen Limited Lifetime Warranty, any registered razor will be replaced by us (for free!)

For complete warranty information, click here.

At the moment, Van Der Hagen products can only be purchased in the continental United States.

Our badger brushes are made from natural badger hair, and our boar brushes from natural bristle. Natural brushes will shed a bit,

especially during the first few shaves.

We recommend only using the shaving brushes when making and applying a lather. For that you just need Van Der Hagen Shave Soap.

If you like using Shave Butter and Shave Oil, first apply the Shave Oil to your skin with your fingers, and then Shave Butter.

After you shave, rinse the razor head with warm water. Carefully remove the blade and rinse both components separately.

Let the blade and razor air dry separately.

Place Van Der Hagen Shave Soap in a bowl or mug. Wet your shaving brush with warm water for a few seconds.

Gently shake the brush to remove excess water. Use a circular motion to rub the shaving brush on the shave soap.

Continue this action until a lather forms.

Start by washing and cleaning your razor blade after each use. Make sure to remove any remaining hairs, shave soap or shaving cream.

After washing your razor blade, pat it dry with a towel. Store your razor blades outside of your bathroom, away from steam and humidity.

Or, place your razor blades in a resealable plastic bag between uses.

Once you start to feel a slight tugging sensation, it’s time to replace your razor blade. Shaving with a dull blade leads to irritation and a greater

chance for nicks and cuts. Change your blade at the right time and your face will say thank you.

Our razor blades are designed to last between 3-6 shaves. A lot depends on how coarse your facial hair is and how much you shave.

If you shave every day, you’ll have to change blades more often. Remember that you can use both sides of the razor blade, too!

Nope! All the blade needs to do is lie flat in the razor head.

Our shave preps and aftershaves are the perfect addition to any morning routine, and they’re compatible with all razors except electric.

When it comes to Van Der Hagen razor blades, they’ll provide comfortable shaves in any double edge safety razor.


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