Maintaining the health of your safety razor will ensure a long life for your razor and safe shave for years to come.

After you finish shaving, make sure your razor is clean and dry. Thoroughly rinse the cutting edges to remove any buildup of shave prep that has accumulated. Use a dry towel to remove any moisture on the razor. Store your razor in a dry place.

If you own several safety razors, it is a good idea to remove the blade from the razor after use, because over time, double edge blades will leave rust stains in your razor. If you use the same razor every shave, leaving the blade in the safety razor should not be a problem. Do not leave your safety razor in the shower.

To clean your razor, a toothbrush and some warm mild soapy water will go a long way every couple of weeks to get the deposits of shave prep from the hard to reach corners of your razor. Keeping your safety razor clean and dry will prolong the life of your razor for many years.