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This Boar Brush contains 100% boar hair. Sturdy bristles create lather quickly. Use with a Van Der Hagen Soap for exceptional lather.

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Discover the Van Der Hagen Boar Brush, a dependable grooming essential designed for practicality and efficiency. Crafted with 100% boar hair, this brush boasts sturdy bristles that swiftly create lather, making your shaving routine a breeze. It’s the perfect companion to use with Van Der Hagen Soap, ensuring you get exceptional lather every time.

Simplify and streamline your grooming routine with the Van Der Hagen Boar Brush, a tool that prioritizes functionality without unnecessary frills. It’s all about achieving a quick and effective lathering process, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free shave. Embrace the simplicity of grooming with this reliable Boar Brush, your go-to accessory for a straightforward and efficient shaving experience.

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