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Rookie Set


Looking to make the switch from a cartridge razor? Our Rookie Set will give you everything you need to get started easily: an 85mm chrome safety razor, our luxurious 3.40z shave butter, and a 5 pack of replacement blades.

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Ready to make the transition from a cartridge razor to the world of traditional wet shaving? Our Rookie Set is your perfect introduction, offering all the essentials you need to begin your journey with ease.

This comprehensive set includes an 85mm chrome safety razor, renowned for its precision and comfort, ensuring a smooth transition to traditional shaving. Paired with our luxurious 3.40 oz shave butter, you’ll experience a shaving experience like no other – a symphony of smoothness and indulgence.

To keep you well-equipped, we’ve also included a 5-pack of replacement blades, ensuring you always have a fresh edge ready for each shave. Elevate your grooming routine with the Rookie Set and discover the timeless art of wet shaving, where precision, luxury, and superior results come together seamlessly.


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