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Shave Oil

A great shave before and after

Our Shave Oil is a blend of natural oils that can be used both as shave prep and as a post-shave product.


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  1. Pre-wet the shaving area with warm water.
  2. With your fingers, massage oil onto shave area.
  3. Take pre-wet razor and shave along the desired area. Clean razor after every stroke.
  4. Wet shave area as needed.
  5. When finished, rinse shaved area with warm water.

Our Shave Oil features carefully selected natural and organic ingredients to provide the perfect amount of moisturization. If you like to see exactly where you’re shaving, the Shave Oil’s transparency is just icing on the cake. Feel that effortless razor glide and experience an unbelievable shave you didn’t know you were missing.