Unscented Luxury Shave Soap - Van Der Hagen

Unscented Luxury Shave Soap

No scent. All Luxury.

If you’re prone to allergies, we’ve got you covered with an Unscented Luxury Shave Soap that still knows how to lather up.


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  1. Add a little bit of hot water on top of the soap. This will make the soap softer.
  2. Take your shave brush and start swirling it on the soap.
  3. Grab the brush and start swirling it in your shave bowl. This will take you approximately a minute or a bit less. When you swirl the brush in the bowl, you will see the lather starting to build up.
  4. Using the brush, apply the lather to the beard area.

Produced with our unique kettle process, Van Der Hagen’s Unscented Luxury Shave Soap is the perfect addition to your shaving routine. It contains emollients like shea, mango and cocoa butters that soften your beard for a smoother, closer shave. It’s also hypoallergenic to protect sensitive skin. And with over 10% glycerin to attract and lock in moisture, this shave soap is working overtime to help your skin look and feel healthier.