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Unscented Shave Cream


In the world of luxury skincare, Lady Van Der Hagen brings elegance, quality, and sophistication to your daily shaving routine. We know what it takes to deliver high quality shaving results, and this rich, smooth shave cream was specially designed for women to keep their skin looking flawless. Designed for all skin types, ideal for sensitive skin.

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Experience opulence in every glide with Lady Van Der Hagen’s rich, smooth shave cream, designed to elevate your daily shaving routine. Specially tailored for women, this cream delivers flawlessly radiant skin, suitable for all skin types and particularly ideal for sensitive skin. Enriched with the nourishing trio of cocoa butter for hydration, shea butter to relieve dryness, and mango butter to improve skin texture, indulge in an opulent shaving experience that pampers your skin with every stroke.


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